Games of Chance

In the aftermath of a tragedy, Alex, Seb and Emilia—who are not biological siblings—are raised as siblings in an Italian-American family in New Jersey. Alex is smart, charismatic, and easily carried away when it comes to partying and pretty girls; Seb is fearful, pensive and used to living in Alex’s shadow; and Emilia, the only girl, is a competitive runner and a perfectionist. They are all best friends. Over a period of twenty-one years, from their childhood to their late twenties, the three of them grow and change. They have romantic relationships—some fulfilling, some toxic—start careers, and take risks. Their choices lead them everywhere from dive bars in Boston to medical school in New York, from museums in Italy to the depths of mental illness. Their mistakes put a strain on their family—and one of them goes too far astray. Games of Chance is a novel about what family means and what keeps certain families together while others fall apart.